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A drug possession defense attorney in Santa Clarita, CA can represent you well in court when facing drug-related charges. Hakim George Law specializes in the aggressive defense of a client’s interests when clients are facing drug charges such as illegal possession, trafficking, and manufacture.

It is highly advisable that people who are facing drug convictions or being investigated do not wait until the last minute to consider attorney consultation. We are available for immediate consultations. Urgency is vital here because the legal system comes down hard on people charged with drug possession, with jail time and probation being highly probable if a defendant lacks effective legal representation.

We understand that effective defense against drug possession involves several factors, including a thorough investigation, an aggressive stance with the district attorneys, and effective application of Fourth Amendment rights. We perfectly understand our obligations to you when you hire us as your drug possession lawyer.

Our understanding of open legal options in relation to the facts of your drug possession case can also improve your chances of a good prosecution outcome. With our reliable defense, your drug possession case may not end criminally. Some of the possible defenses to drug possession charges include:

• Unlawful Search and Seizure
• Drugs Belong to Someone Else
• Crime Lab Analysis
• Missing Drugs
• Drugs Were Planted
• Entrapment
• Medical Marijuana Exception
• Drug Addiction

The medical marijuana exception requires a legal prescription signed off by a qualified doctor. Drug addiction, on the other hand, is a plea, and one will have to be sent to a rehabilitation center.

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