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Hakim George Law is an experienced DUI attorney in Santa Clarita, CA. While a driving under influence charge is a misdemeanor in this jurisdiction, working with a competent DUI attorney can save you a lot of trouble when you have been charged with the crime.

The prosecution has to prove a DUI offense beyond reasonable doubt, and police officers must inform the DUI offender of his rights to remain silent before he starts answering questions from them. An offender needs to know this, and that is why we recommend our clients to contact us first before doing anything, once arrested.

The potential consequences and penalties of drunk driving include:

• Misdemeanor Criminal Record
• Deportation
• Jail Sentence
• Driving License Revocation

The elements of reckless driving depend on the area that the crime happened, and our clients need to consult us to understand the law at play. It is possible to fight any drinking under influence charges, as we have many strategies to help you win. Based on the hundreds of cases we have handled, we have extensive experience that sets us apart. The results can speak for themselves if you have looked at our rich portfolio.

In Santa Clarita, CA, you have only 10 days to prevent the suspension of your license after a DUI charge. The sooner you seek legal help from qualified attorneys like us, the better. We are known for our attention to detail and analysis prowess, which helps us harness facts of the case in your favor. We are also certified in field sobriety testing.

Our team takes into account all factors that may affect your DUI case to develop the best defense strategy. We understand the skepticism that clients usually have toward these types of cases. Therefore, we provide free DUI case evaluation to discuss our client’s options.

Consult Hakim George Law to get your DUI case thrown out!

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